What is Social AR?

When social media apps such as Facebook, TikTok, Instagram and Snapchat use AR effects for marketing purposes in a highly engaging manner, it is considered to be Social AR. If you are a brand on, say, Instagram and want an excellent way to bring in new followers, while also tap into your current audience and get them to make a purchase, AR is what you absolutely need. AR through social commerce has been steadily bringing in potential users who turn into loyal customers. It can make you viral without spending anything on ads as well - that's the power of shareability of a good AR experience. It brings a whole new level of interaction with 3D or 2D objects, right at your fingertips. Many brands have used it for maximum benefit - be it a cosmetics company allowing you to "try on" a lipstick before you buy it, or a furniture brand helping you visualize a couch that you're planning of splurging on. Before you make your choices, you get the chance to get a look and feel of it. Normal photos just don't cut it. AR adds to the confidence that the potential customer is about to have on your product.