How to Promote your AR Experience?

After creating the AR experience that is going to benefit your consumers, you might get confused about the next big step - promotion. How do you broadcast the fact that you have a brand new AR effect waiting to be tried out?

There are two ways - the organic way and the paid way. Your choice depends on factors like how much time you are willing to invest in the campaign and how fast do you want the results to show. Organic reach is possible but the results may vary based on the AR experience that has been created.

As we discussed above, the goals of social AR can be more follower count, more sales or simply brand awareness. Let's look at all the ways you can achieve this with AR experiences.

Tell Everyone About your New AR Effect

The best way to inform your existing followers that you have got a new AR effect ready to be used by them, is to simply tell them! Post on your story, feed or any other format such as Reels to share it. And if it's good, you will get your first few shares in a matter of minutes. In the video, explain how to use the filter through a quick tutorial and watch others recreate it soon.

Embed the AR filter URL on your Website, App, Newsletter etc

Apart from social media, you can also share the AR filter url on your official website, app and newsletter so that your subscribers can know about this feature right away.

Run Ads for it

Many AR filters go unnoticed mainly because potential users didn't land on it due to the algorithm. Don't worry, a paid ads campaign will help you out. If you boost the post and target the right audience, a video ad of your AR effect will give you a much wider reach. When people see it at the right time while scrolling through videos in the platform, you are more likely to get a response from them in the form of a follow or purchase. AR ads also exist which take user engagement and advertising to the next level.

Bring Influencers to the Mix

Influencers have millions of followers guaranteeing you reach in a particular sector. If you have a fashion brand and get a fashion influencer to share content using your AR Filter, the numbers are bound to shoot up. This will not only make it go viral faster, but it will also give more credibility to your campaign.

Put Up Banners at Events

Now that the pandemic is getting over, more and more in-person events are being held again. If you have a stall at an event, especially one that focuses on new tech, it could be the best opportunity for you to promote your AR experience. The combination of real world and AR can make the people strolling past your stall to stop and take notice.

Once they have used it, they might keep your brand in mind for future purchases. Many of them may have never heard of AR and your custom Instagram filter for the event could be the perfect way to convey information about this tech.

Hold Giveaways to Amplify the Reach

Giveaways or contests are bound to give you good traction in the form of shares, comments, likes and more. Bring AR into the mix and ask social media users to create something of their own while using your effect. The one who does it the best and also tags their friends and asks them to follow the brand - gets a reward from your brand. The prize has to be good and attractive so that it's highly sought after by most. And if you nail this part, you could get a viral campaign without much of an effort.

Send Out Press Releases

Lastly, one of the ways to inform people about a new AR experience is to publish press releases on relevant digital portals. Many of their regular readers could feel interested in your brand due to it and it's an easy way to reach users from a different age group as well.